Take a moment, if you will, to ponder the deeply upsetting series of events that led to the… http://t.co/ohbfu9yoFV

Well, Scotland punted, who else wants to secede?

#ShareACoke No thanks, I’d prefer my genitals not be hexed off. http://t.co/jhUx51MuXX

#ShareACoke with… Ah… Well, these just aren’t getting any better. http://t.co/04UKcDsNb6

#ShareACoke with… oh dear. http://t.co/RRqBmFdWnx

It seems like a high priority for England should have been to remove their nuclear weapons from Scotland before the referendum…

Imagine a world where the Instagram app icon is in line with iOS design aesthetics.

Can any of you help me make a plaster cast of my head? Just curious, it’s not for a sex thing.

Local News At Its Finest. #Ventriloquilism #Ventriloquism https://t.co/UCovMCCl9Y

THE AVNGRS #HipsterComicBooks @midnight

V for Vintage #HipsterComicBooks @midnight

The Vintage Green Lantern That I Found At A Second Hand Shop. #HipsterComicBooks @midnight

Betty and Veronica (but they work at a coffee shop in Portland) #HipsterComicBooks @midnight

The (American) Spirit #HipsterComicBooks @midnight